• Started in 2001
  • Registered with Ministry of Consumer Affairs
  • Working to provide better health and employment opportunities to people
  • Promoting Ayurveda
  • Recipient of Bihari Asmita Samman Award by Bihar Government
  • Family Business

Eazyways stared in the year 2001. Over years it has influenced lives of millions of people through its high-quality products and easy business opportunity. In its successful journey, Eazyways has created many benchmarks with the obstinate efforts of its management team. Eazyways is primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of certified Ayurvedic and herbal products of International level. It is the prime goal of Eazyways to promote health awareness among people through Ayurveda. The business opportunity offered by Eazyways helps people to become financially independent and self-dependent.

Eazyways is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Our Vision

To be a company that people look up to when then want better health and source of income.

Our Mission

  • To make at least 1 crore people of India aware about general health problems offer a way to better and healthy living by 2025.
  • To provide employment and a good source of income to 1 crore people by 2025.
  • To help at least 5 lac people working in direct selling industry to get a better lifestyle and success that they are waiting for till now by 2025.

Our Reach

  • More than 2000 product pick up points across India.
  • Courier facility available for every location in India.

Availability of products is one of the major problems faced by the people working in direct selling industry. We have overcome this by opening stock points in various regions of the country. We also have best courier companies working with us that can deliver the products to every corner of the country.

Our Team

  • Highly qualified and trained professionals
  • Perfect blend of experience, knowledge and youth
  • Self-driven and enthusiastic people

A team is what makes or breaks a company. We have a perfect team of experienced and professional people in all departments like accounts, IT, education, operations, marketing, sales and HR.

Our Services

  • For us our customers are everything
  • 100% dedicated and committed to provide best in class service
  • Happy satisfied 5 million users

For us, our customers are everything, we are 100% committed and dedicated to providing best in class service to our customers. Eazyways is known for its prompt and accurate service in the industry. Each and every person of the company is specially trained to deliver the best service to the clients. Everyone in the company understands the value of customer's time and money and gives their 100% to fulfil all of the wishes of our customers. We are always just a call away from our customers.

Products and R & D

  • More Than 150 Products
  • Nationally and Internationally Certified
  • Perfect Blend of Modern Science and Ancient Ayurveda

We try to fuse the goodness of ancient Ayurveda with the ease of modern technology and develop products based on this theory only. Our scientists and doctors study the human body very closely and then develop new and better products after a detailed study of all the aspects related to those products. Our labs are fully equipped with latest machinery and technology which helps our scientists to work very accurately. "

  • U.S.D.A Organic
  • K.S.A - KOSHER (Kosher Supervision of America)
  • IASC, USA(International Aloe Science Council, USA)
  • M. Halal (Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America)
  • GRAS (General Recognized as Safe, FDA USA.)
  • European Union
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • ISO-22000
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Make in India

Contribution to The Society

Women Empowerment

  • Women specific brand
  • Nurturing the inner strength, creativity and self esteem of women
  • Specially designed training programmes and workshops for women

"Making mothers of today, leaders of tomorrow"

Providing Employment

  • Encouraging people to work for their dreams and passion
  • Providing source of income
  • Working to make our nation free of poverty and unemploymen

"It is better to create a job then to find a job"

Helping Those in Need

  • Providing shelter and education to children
  • Providing shelter and safety to old peopl

"Our director Mr. N Shah was awarded Bihari Asmita Samman Award by the Chief Minister of Bihar for helping people during flood. "